Aaron Spelker iOS Accessible Gaming Reviews

We are very proud to publish the great reviews from our good friend Aaron who has set up and runs the Facebook Group, Apple iPhone iOS Voiceover Compatible Games. Go check it out. This is a fantastic group where you can get friendly advice about Accessible Gaming on iOS devices. Aaron has published a great range of reviews and is a avid iOS gamer and is based in the USA.

All Games listed below are available on iOS and are listed in alphabetical order. Click on the game link to open the review.

Accessible Minesweeper. Puzzle Game

Affairs of the Court. Choose Your Own Adventure.

A Dark Room. Strategy RPG and Resource Manager.

A Detectives Demise. 3D Audio Adventure

Blindfold Spades. Card Game.

Choice of Robots. Choose Your Own Adventure

Cribbage Pro. Card Game

Dice World 6 Fun Games. Dice Games

Lifeline. Real-time Choose Your Own Adventure

Medieval Fantasy RPG, Choose Your Adventure RPG

Ordet Everyone’s Favourite, Little Word Game

Seven Little Words. Word Puzzles

Time Crest. Real-time Choose Your Own Adventure

Untold. Choose Your Adventure RPG

For more information and to chat to other iOS gamers you can join the Apple iPhone iOS Voiceover Compatible Games Facebook Group. Link here.

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