Life Simulator

Reviewed By:  Aaron Spelker

Having patience is a key requirement when playing BitLife.  The patience is needed to figure out how to navigate the many menus and pop-ups.  The game begins with your birth origin.  Each year, you make a series of choices to develop your character.  You will study in school or drop out; play sports or star in the musicals; bully or be bullied; follow the rules or become a criminal; start a family or be a philanderer.  Random events and choices will further impact the life you are building.  A running log records each choice and result as you “find yourself.”  However, it is this log and the various pop-up boxes that lead to some accessibility frustration.  As you navigate options in the various menus, you can inadvertently enter the log as you attempt to move to the next menu option.  This leads to tapping on the screen to find the menu options again.  Other times, pop-up windows materialize requiring you to make a choice or press “OK.”  One issue is that the pop-up boxes never seem to present themselves in the same location.  This means you need to peck the screen to find it.  If you are lucky, it is one of the box types that you can double tap anywhere to move past.  Ultimately, it is a fun and interesting game (More fun when you play the criminal rather than the perfect athlete).  I was particularly impressed how different the choices, situations, and decisions are based on the career path you select.  The most engaging careers of the specialty jobs (musician, politician, athlete, and criminal).Be sure to try out all the different “Activities” and relationship options. In the end, it takes some dedication to figure out the navigation and understand the presentation nuances.

I hope that future updates will correct the Voiceover navigation issues.  You can overcome the quirks, but it can be annoying to do so.

Grade B plus (Only if you figure out how to navigate the menus)

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