Choice of the Dragon

Choice of the Dragon

Choose Your Own Adventure

Reviewed By:  Aaron Spelker

In a rare move, I am not going to give this game a rating.  I don’t think it is really fair to rate this game.  I have played several Choice of Games LLC offerings and have found them all to be exceptional.  Through an interview with the developer, I learned

that their journey began with the Choice of the Dragon game.  Thus, I became interested to see where it all began.  The reason I am not going to give this game a rating is because it would be like comparing Ford’s current offering against the Model T on speed, safety, style, technology, handling, and fuel efficiency.

This review was more like observing a piece of influential technology in a museum.

It is fascinating to see how far the Choice of Games LLC development has advanced.  Choice of the Dragon follows the more typical text-adventure approach.  Choice of the Dragon is broken down into chapters.  In each chapter there is a scenario to address.  The player can resolve the issue with brutality, cunning, or finesse.  The player’s election will raise or lower their tracked statistics which are tallied and summarized at the end of the story.  But, each chapter is its own isolated event and has little impact on future Chapters.  I replayed the game several times and the main story was fundamentally the same no matter my choices.  In Choice of Games LLC’s future games the paths widely diverge leading to drastically different endings )Check out the review for: Choice of Robots – Grade A and Affairs of the Court – Grade A)

The game is relatively short at approximately 30 minutes per playthrough.  The story is interesting but a little straight forward.  However, the building blocks for Choice of Games LLC’s future games is evident.  Choice of the Dragon is like the Model T, it is fascinating to look at and would be a blast to drive, however you wouldn’t want it as your everyday car in the year 2021.  It is worth playing if you are interested in the development of choice-based text adventures.

Choice of the Dragon is completely accessible using the Voiceover feature. It merely requires the typical swipes and taps.

Grade NOT Rated

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