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Gaming has fast become one of the most popular entertainment media, however it has not always been accessible for people with low and no vision. Over the past few years their has been a big push to make mainstream games and gaming devices accessible. Game developers have developed aa fantastic array of accessibility solutions to help visually impaired gamers. This can range from adjusting the screen settings and applying a screen filter to help you custom the display to your needs, to having audio clues that aid you in the game if you have no vision at all.

Their are also game and game developers that are developing games specifically for people with low and no vision. You can download some very interesting and exciting audio games on both iOS and Android, Smart Speakers and on a PC using Steam.

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Media Channels

We have created media channels to help with accessible gaming on both YouTube and Twitch. Just search for BlindNinja1704 or click the links below.

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Games Reviews

We have published these reviews of games that we have spent some time playing and exploring all the accessibility options. In these reviews we will explained the accessibility features and how to use them. Enter our review section here.

We are also very happy to publish the reviews of Aaron on a wide range of games for iOS. Enter Aarons page here.

Gaming Groups.

Falkirk Accessible Gaming Group.

Glasgow Accessible Gaming Group.

Gaming Devices.

On all the different gaming systems below we regularly play using the BlindNinja 1704 gametag. You can join in with our online play by adding this to your friends list on.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid gaming console that can be played on your main display as well as on the go. The console has a some accessibility features built in and many games can be played with low vision. Their is a great range of Games on this device. Enter our Nintendo section here.

Oculus Quest 1 and 2

The Oculus Quest range of Virtual Reality (VR) headsets are a all in one VR gaming device. It has inbuilt sensors that can monitor you surrounding environment and adjust the gaming experience to this. On many games you change the display setting to customise the device. Their is a wide range of games and VR Experiences on this device. Enter our Quest section here.

PlayStation 4, 5 and VR.

The PlayStation range of consoles is one of the market leaders when it comes to gaming. Their are a range of accessible features built into these devices such as magnification on the PlayStation 4 and A screen reader on the PlayStation 5. Their are also many great games that have a range of accessibility features such as The Last of Us Part 2. The PlayStation VR headset can be added on to these consoles too and can be customised to your needs. Enter our PlayStation section here.

PC Gaming.

The PC has the widest and oldest range of games of any system. You can get games from your childhood to replay or the latest and greatest AAA Game. The PC Gaming experience can be heavily customised or modded to allow for a wide range of unique accessible features and adaptations. Enter our PC section here.

Smart Phones and Tablets.

Smart Phones and Tablets have a great range of games on them that can be used with the inbuilt accessibility features of each device. you can use the inbuilt zoom and in some games the screen reading software. Some developers create amazing Audio Games and game designed for low vision. Enter our Smart Phone and Tablet section here.

Smart Speakers

Smart Speaker have a wide range of Audio games and Interactive Audio Experiences available. As these speakers are designed for use with voice commands and audio they are a fantastic resource for accessible gaming. Enter our Smart Speaker section here.

Xbox One and Xbox Series x and s

The Xbox range of game consoles are one of the most popular range of gaming devices. They have a great range of accessibility functions built into them from screen enhancements to customise the screen to your needs, to using the inbuild screen reader Narrator. Some of the games on this range also have accessibility features of their own. Enter our Xbox section here.

Other Sources for the visually impaired gamer.

VI Chat and Games Discord Server

This is a great community of visually impaired gamers on the discord service.


This is a fantastic resource for parents of younger gamers to find out what is right for your kids. It is also very easy to find out about new games younger gamers.

Easy to Play Games. Accessible Gaming

On this site Ben create games that can be played with a single input device, allowing my games to be accessible to everyone.

A new game is added every week.

All games can be played using just the left-mouse-button or spacebar – no mouse movement required.

Games will work with any switch device set up for left mouse button or spacebar. Some games will provide a choice to also use both left and right mouse buttons.

This enables all the games to played use adaptive technology devices such as buttons, sip and puff, joysticks, switch buttons, ultimate switch, grip switches, finger switch, gumball, eye blink switch, finger isolation button, grip and puff, head switch, koosh switch, movement sensor switch, and many more.

Games are also made using bold text and clear images, allowing it to be accessible to those with visual issues.

Most games have a simple to navigate menu.

For more information or if you would like look at a specific game or device for you contact us.

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