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Their are lots of games that can be played on a smart phone or tablet. You can play some games using the inbuilt accessibility features to make the game easer to see. this could be by using the inverted colours, enlarging the text and changing the colours filter on some devices. They are also a wide variety of games that have been developed specifically for people with a visual impairment and totally blind gamers. These are called Audio Games and most will not have any display or a simple display on the screen. These games can be very fun and entertaining. They can help to eliminate boredom and some also have multiplayer options so that you can create a friendly competition with you gaming friend ( arch rival.)

Check out our list of Accessible Games here.


Aaron Spelker

Aaron has produced and published a great range of reviews for games that are compatible with VoiceOver on iOS Devices. Aaron has also created a fantastic Facebook Group that you can join to to interact with other and find new games to play. Click here to Enter.

Game Reviews.

Blind Drive

Final Fantasy 1 The Ultimate Pixel Remastered

Fury Driver Moon Walks and Original Sin

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