Blind Drive

By Graham Gunning

This game is not suitable for young gamers due to content and language. 

On your marks, get set, lets blind drive.

Blind Drive is a fun and exciting Driving game developed by Lo-Fi People. Available on IOS, android, PC and Mac, all is not as it seems in this action-packed audio game.

Playing as Donnie the character awakens blindfolded and unable to escape a moving vehicle after agreeing to take part in a scientific experiment. As part of the experiment, you are tasked with completing each stage by avoiding oncoming vehicles and objects. You have three chances to complete each stage. You will lose a life if you cannot avoid a vehicle and gain a life if you hit an ice cream truck or a cyclist.

 As Blind Drive is an audio game it is accessible to play. The main menu is spoken out to you in order to navigate. There are also several audio ques to indicate which vehicles are approaching. To get the best experience of playing Blind Drive it requires you to wear headphones as the sound of the oncoming vehicle will be matched to the relevant side of the headphone. Other features include three choices of difficulty, the option to turn on haptic feedback and blind mode which will turn off your device screen. You also have several choices to select your preferred headphones along with running a sound test in order to see if you are wearing your headphones correctly.

I have had a lot of fun playing Blind Drive. Lo-Fi People have done a great job designing it. The story and overall production is fantastic. The audio cues are clear and having simple controls makes it accessible to play. Blind Drive is a great audio game and I look forward to playing future Lo-Fi Peoples productions.

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