Welcome to Triple Tap Tech. We are a Charity set up by people with a visual impairment to help others with a visual impairment in relation to using technology. We do this by offering unlimited support over the phone, on digital platforms such as Zoom and MS Teams and through our media channels on Facebook and Twitter. We have also designed this website to be a fantastic resource for information about accessible tech. Check our the links above to take you to that section or use the search bar below.

Fraser Standing in front of people we have helped support.

Tech Centre Opening

We are very excited to be reopening our Tech Centre to the public from the 6th of September. We can arrange a suitable time and date and you can come in to get expert advice and support from our tech experts. You can also get hands on with a wide range of equipment and try out new or updated devices. We also offer tea or coffee. Cakes are optional. Contact us to arrange your session here.


We have set up a Helpline that anyone can call to chat to one of our tech and sight loss experts. This number can be called during normal working hours. You can also call this number to arrange a training session.

0780 5353 149

Zoom Meetings

We host a range of zoom meeting throughout each month. These are the Tech Talk, Where we focus on aa specific area of accessible tech and discuss it in detail. You can also listen to our previous Tech Talks here. Next we have the TripleTapChat and this is for anyone with a visual impairment or supporting someone with a visual impairment to have a nice chat and become part of the visually impaired community, Next we have the Drop in Thursday where you can drop into a zoom meeting and have a chat with us, learn about new technology, get training and we can even help to fix any devices that are not working properly. To take part in these email Fraser at TripleTapTech@outlook.com.

Tech Training.

We offer training and support to anyone with a visual impairment free of charge across a wide range of subjects. From listening to audio books to using the latest Smart Phones and Tablets and bespoke technology developed for people with a visual impairment. We can provide this service over the phone or through a media of your choice such as email or Zoom. We can talk about what technology could help you, or if your are interested in a new or updated device we can talk you through everything it can do. We can also provide training on technology and devices to help you get the most out of them. Now if you device is not working properly we can also help to fix it too. To arrange a session with one of our Tech and Sight Loss experts call our helpline number on 07494 706190 or contact us here. We do not charge for any of our services but if you can make a donation it will help to keep these services running.

One of our groups training in our office. this was for accessible games.

Useful Links.

Accessible gaming.

We have created this fantastic resource that covers everything to do with accessible gaming from what system to play on to how to guides and reviews on how games are accessible go check it out.

Monthly Updates

We publish a monthly newsletter that contains all the information about our upcoming services and events. Check it out here.


We have developed and published easy to use guides that cover a wide range of assistive tech and takes you through all the accessibility options they have. Check them out here.

Top Tech Reviews.

We have published reviews here on different tech that we have had experience in using. We are unbiased in these reviews and point out the pros and cons of each review. Check them out here.

TripleTapTech is a registered charity SC048675. You can contact us here through phone and email.

  • The last of us part 2 Screen Shot with low vision filter.
  • Fraser Standing in front of people we have helped support.
  • One of our groups training in our office. this was for accessible games.