V I Games for Phones and Tablets

We have created this list with a short description about each game we have played on Smart Phones and Tablets. To get these games search for their title in the App or Play store on your device.

Accessible Mindsweeper 

Accessible Minesweeper is an remake of a Microsoft classic. In this audio game  you are tasked with detecting  and defusing a mine field.. Accessible minesweeper is only available on iOS and costs £0.99.

Audio Rush

Audio Rush is a fast pace accessible arcade game. Your aim is to collect as much points as   possible while avoiding obstacles by flicking right and left. Audio Rush is only available on iOS and is free.

Audio Wizards

This is a great game that is available for both iOS and Android. It costs £4.99 but is worth the money. In this game you are a wizard that is able to cast audio spells to vanquish invading demons. The demons are made up of different elements and you must cast the right spell to vanquish the demon. The game has many levels and the difficulty increases with each. We have found this game to be very addictive and it is great to pass a short amount of time.

Auto Moto Championship

This is a motorbike racing game that has been specifically designed for people with sight loss and can be played just with audio alone. The aim of the game is to race your bike around the race track and not crash, do this as fast as you can to win the race and progress through the game and open up new race courses and bikes. It controls can take a little to get used to but it is definitely worth mastering. It is only available on ios and costs £2.99

Blindfold Collection of Games

Blindfold Games is a collection of audio games designed by Marty Schultz. There are over 90 games to play, which include Bowling, Space Invaders, Wheel of Fortune, Blackjack and many more.   Blindfold Games are only available on iOS and are free.

Blind Gladiator

This is a fighting role playing game that has been specifically designed for people with a visual impairment. You play the role of a new gladiator during the roman times and you have to defend and fight against other gladiators in order to progress through the game. During the game you can also purchase new armor and weapons that will help you in your quest to become the greatest gladiator.  The controls are a bit difficult to master but this game will keep you occupied for hours. This game is available on iOS and costs £2.99

Blind Quest The Enchanted Castle

Blind quest is a fantasy role playing game. In this audio game you play as a knight who has been asked to help princess Helen safe her kingdom. Defeat the ghosts and enchanted monsters to safe the relm. Blind quest costs £4.99 and is available on iOS and PC.

Circus Masters Revenge.

This game is a role playing game in which you a kidnaped by a psychopathic circus master who pits you against others for the enjoyment of his circus. This game has a great story and we love the sarcastic overtures of the circus master. We would say however that this game is not suitable for younger children due to the content of the story. This game is available on ios and is free to get but has in app purchases.

Clever Clues

Clever Clues is a mental word solving audio game. You are given a selection of letters in order to solve  6 clues  from 4 categories. Each category has 30 clews to solve. Clever Clues is only available on iOS and is free.  


The game of running blind. This is a endless runner horror game.. Your aim is to outrun zombies, escape the grave hands and avoid the dastardly crows. Fear costs £3.99 and is available on iOS and android.

Frequency Missing

Frequency missing is a short mystery adventure game. You play as a reporter who’s friend and colleague has mysteriously vanished. Solve clews in order to solve the mystery. Frequency missing is free and available on iOS and android.

Game World

Game World is the first accessible social game room designed by Huboodle. There are many games available to play with your friends and family. These include pirate poker,    Battle Cats, Hangman and many more. Game World is only available on iOS and is free. . 

Land of livia

Land of Livia is a text based fantasy  adventure game. In this game you have to solve a number of missions to  discover a dark mystery. Land of Livia is only available on iOS and is free.

 Pitch Black Audio Pong

This audio game is a remake of a classic. The aim of the game  is to try and score a point while stopping your opponent gaining a point. Audio pong costs 1.99 and is available on iOS, Android and PC. 

Zany Touch Lite

Zany touch lite is a fun interactive audio game. Touch swipe and shake your device in the correct sequence. . The more you get right the faster the level   gets.. Zenny touch lite is only available on iOS and is a free app.

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