Fury Driver Moon Walks and Original Sin

Fury Driver Moon Walks and Original Sin

By Graham Gunning

Fury driver Moon Walks and Original Sin are the first and second instalments of this action-packed audio game developed by audio game association. Available on PC, Apple, and Android, you play as Virgil Hawks an undercover detective of Moon City who is tasked with infiltrating the cities criminal underworld and discover the identity of the mysterious Mr Sin. To do this, you need to complete several tasks consisting of exploring the city for clues, doing missions for the city criminals and racing against Mr Sins gang.

As Moon Walks and Original Sin are audio games it is advised that you wear headphones to get the best experience. There are not a lot of visuals for both games. They are displayed as a map of Moon city that has many different squares which indicates areas and landmarks of the city. To navigate around the city map you can press the tab key or the shift and tab key to move back and forward for PC or by swiping right and left with one finger for apple and android players. To interact with any of the selected areas or landmarks you can either press the control key or the enter key for PC or double tap with one finger for apple and android players.

Accessibility wise, there are many audio cues and sound effects. The main menus are spoken out to you along with the names of the city areas, Landmarks and their available interactions. there are two main audio cues when participating in a driving mission. They are both a beeping audio sound. One is to indicate if there is an obstacle in your path and the other to indicate if you are about to run out of track. You also get spoken feedback on which direction the obstacle is approaching from. Another helpful audio cue is for when taking on potential criminals. You will get a gun sound audio cue from which direction they are shooting from along with spoken feedback for instant shots fired from the right.

I have really enjoyed playing both Fury Driver: Moon Walks and Original Sin. I thought that the story was good, and I liked that it continued from Moon Walks into Original Sin. I enjoyed the combination of exploring the city while advancing through the missions. I thought that racing against Mr Sins gang was a nice touch and was my favourite part of both games. Having both games on three different platforms is a bonus. I did feel that Original Sin was not as good as Moon Walks. In my opinion there was less action and interactions in Original Sin.

Fury Driver Moon Walks and Original Sin cost £4.99 each or £6.99 for both games on apple, Pc Moon Walks is £4.90 and Original Sin costs £5.90, and for Android both games are free to play.

You can download this app from your devices app store by using the search box.

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