Xbox 1, 1X, Series X and S

Xbox 1 and 1X

The Xbox One and One X are one of the most popular gaming consoles out at the moment. The Xbox one is the standard console that will play games that you can buy on disk or download directly to the console. The Xbox One X is the more powerful console that can play most games in 4K and can run games smoother.

Both these consoles have a vast range of games available on them from Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order to Fortnight to Final Fantasy IV.

Not all games will be accessible, however many games have inbuilt options to enhance the screen or change the brightness.

Narrator Screen Reader

These consoles have an in built screen reader that can be use for navigating the Home page and Settings. Some games support this feature to a degree, but in all fairness it is not widely used. To activate the screen reader go to Settings, then Ease of Access and now select Narrator. Now activate the Narrator button and the Screen Reader will start talking. You will now be able to select Narrator options which will allow you to change the voice, volume and pitch to customise it for you. Narrator can be used with the Xbox Control Pad but more functionality can be found using a USB or Bluetooth keyboard. To Activate Narrator at any time hold down the Xbox Button on the Xbox controller then press the Option Button. On the Controller you press left, right, up and down to navigate and Narrator will read out the highlighted content. you can access this content by pressing A button on the controller and the B button will take you back.

Screen Enhancements.

For gamers with low vision their are some screen enhancements that can be used.

Change the Screen Colour Scheme .

If you go into Setting, then General, then Personalisation, hen my colour and background. This will allow you to change the colour scheme of the console and what is displayed in the background. This will allow you to custom the way your console display looks for you needs but does not change the way the games are displayed.

High Contrast

Now go to back into Settings, then Ease of Access. then High Contrast. This will turn on the high contrast setting and change the way the console looks. You can select a Dark or Light mode. The Dark Mode makes the background dark with lighter text and the Light Mode has a brighter background with dark text. Either of these setting will also simplify the screen and menus and each will have a well defined boarder.


Now go to Settings, then Ease of Access, then Magnification. Now go to Magnifier on and this will turn on the Magnifier. You can use the magnifier on the Home Page and Settings as well as in playing games. However some games can be difficult to play with magnifier on. to turn on the magnifier at any time long press the Xbox button and then press the View button and this will activate the magnifier. To control the magnifier you can zoom in and out using the right and left triggers. you can then pan around the screen using the right thumbstick. A very hand feature of the magnifier is that here you can enable the Large on Screen Keyboard which will be used even when magnifier is not on.

Xbox Series S & X

Under Developement.

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