By Fraser Fleming

Fortnight is a massively popular Battle royal game. The game is a third person shooter (TPS) that is based on the Fortnight Island and here you must survive until you are the last man standing. In this game you go up against 99 other real online players who are all trying to be the last man standing. As the game progresses the island is surrounded by “The Storm” and this gradually closes in creating a smaller combat area until you are no longer able hide from your opponents. Every game that you play rewards you with points that you use to tier up through the Battle Pass. The Island on Fortnight is constantly evolving and changing its features and locations to keep you on your feet. There are also other game modes and a very engaging creative mode which allows you to build and customize your own levels.

Fortnight is a free to play game available on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, PC and Android devices. It used to be available for iOS devices until Apple and Epic had a slight falling out. While playing the game you have access to the store in which you can purchase additional content. One of the main purchases is the battle pass which allows you to get rewards such as Character Skins, Emotes, Music and lots of other content as you tier up and improve your level. You can also purchase additional content from the store too.  A new store feature for Fortnight that has just been released is the Fortnight Crew Subscription. This costs a tenner per month. This will give you access to the BattlePass and Skins and other content that cannot be purchased.

On the Consoles there are a lot of options that you can change in the setting menu to help make the game more visible. As with all games you can adjust the Screen Brightness. You can also choose a range of Colour Blind options that will change the colour pallet of the screen. This is handy to try and make the screen as visible as possible for your eye condition. You can also adjust the size of the HUD (Heads Up Display) to make it easer to see. However with this option the larger the HUD the less playable area of the screen is visible. Sometimes this can have a negative impact on the game as someone shoots you from behind the mini map. Other very useful options are to customize what you see on the HUD and I generally remove the Mini Map as it is not useful for me. You can also turn on and off features such as, Automatically open doors, Automatically pick up weapons, ammo or both. I found that the best way to get the most out of these was just to play about with them to find out what works best for you. 3D Audio is also a great feature to help play the game and this works best through a headset. This option will let you hear where a player is coming from in relation to where the screen is pointing.  You can do this on the PC too as well as adjust the graphical details, shading and screen resolution. On the PC version it is also worthwhile to play about with the games frame rate (frames per second) in order to  get the game to run smoothly on your set up. 

I have enjoyed playing Fortnight and with my limited vision I can get by quite well. However If they could introduce more screen enhancements and filters to let you customize the game more for your eye condition would be great.  It would also be great if they could introduce some audio clues to help with the navigation of the game. Lastly it would be very useful to have text to speech option for navigating the menus and store. Fortnight requires you to have some vision in order to play and can take some time to get into and master but I have found it worth the effort and I find myself passing hours unknowingly while trying to be the Last Blind Man Standing.

You can check out the YouTube Video for Accessibility on Fortnight by BlindNinja1704 below.

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