Oculus Quest 1 & 2

The Oculus Quest 1 and 2 are the most popular and market leader in Virtual Reality Headsets. What makes these different to the PSVR or Hive VR is that these are stand alone units. they do nor require you to connect them to your console or gaming PC, they can work on there own. The quest has inbuilt sensors that monitor your environment and can use this to interact with your gameplay. With the quest you can set up a gradian play zone in your room and this will bring up a safe space so that you are not hitting your hand off a wall or falling into the couch. This is one of the best solutions for VR headsets.

Some People with a visual impairment find using a VR handset for gaming to be beneficial as the screen is right in front of your eyes and thus making everything look a lot bigger than they are.

Their are some setting that you can make in the headset setting menu to make it easer to view this is.

Large Text.

This will increase the standard text size in the home page and Settings. However this will not always work for games.

Virtual Environment.

You can change the Virtual environment in order to make it one which fits in with you eye condition to make it more comfortable.

In Game Settings.

Most games have setting that can be adjusted in order to enhance the screen. From Changing the brightness and contrast to changing the full colour scheme.

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