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Pc Gaming has the largest range of games that can be played on any system. You can play your favourite game from your child hood or the latest AAA just out mega game. Every game had different ways in which you can make it accessible.

Some games allow you to use screen enhancements that you might be running from your desktop settings and also use accessibility features such as magnifier. Other games have the ability to use your screen reader to access the text in the game. Other games will have their own range of accessibility features built into them, such as their own text to speech engine and screen enhancements.

Screen Enhancements.

If you have low vision sometime all you need to do to getr the most enjoyment out of your faviroute game is to make some adjustments to the screen to make it visually right for you. Some of the things that you can do are.

Adjust your monitor settings

All modern monitors have built into there settings ways to increase and decrease their colour settings. This could be adjusting the Brightness, Contrast, Colour and Sharpness. Sometimes I find that having the display in black and white or greyscale can help to improve the visuals of the game. On more advance monitors you might want to turn off upscaling. Also reducing the resolution can have a big impact on the size of the display too, making it easer to see.

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