PlayStation 4, 5 and VR

These are one of the most popular consoles on the market and have a vast range of games on each. The PlayStation VR (Virtual Reality) is an add on head set that can be used on both the PlayStation 4 and 5. Each console has its own accessibility features. and some games have in built accessibility too.

PlayStation 4 and 4 PRO

The PlayStation 4 and 4 PRO are gaming consoles made by Sony the PlayStation 4 is the standard console while the PlayStation 4 PRO is a more powerful console that works much better with the PSVR. The tow consoles have a great range of games with many that include accessibility features for people with a visual impairment.

Screen Reader.

Unfortunately in the UK the PlayStation 4 and Pro do not support a screen reader.

Screen Enhancements.

You can activate screen enhancements if you go to Settings, then Accessibility. from here you can.


Is the inbuilt magnification feature that can be use of the Playstation 4 and Pro. You can use it to zoom in on the Home Page, Settings and Playing games. To activate zoom go into the Zoom Menu from the Accessibility menu and select enable Zoom this will now be running in the background. To use zoom press the PlayStation button and the Square button at the same time. To turn off Zoom you press the PlayStation button and the Circle button at the same time. Unfortunately you cant change the zoom level. When Zoom is on you can use the D pad to move around the screen. This Zoom wont let you control the game while in Zoom mode. This can make it difficult to use in some games.

Invert Colours.

Turning this option on will invert the colours on the screen so your blacks will become white and vice versa. This can be very useful in some games as it can clear up what is displayed on the screen, however on other games it can be very off putting.

Larger Text and Bold Text

This will make all the text on the home page and menus appear bigger, bolder or both. It wont change the setting of text in games.

High Contrast

This will adjust the colours of text and background to improve the clarity of things on the screen.

Their is also an option at the bottom of the accessibility menu that allow you to create a Shortcut to the Quick menu. This is the menu that pops up when you press the PlayStation button.

PlayStation VR PSVR

The Accessibility setting that you have in use for you PlayStation device will transfer over to the PSVR. If you are getting very blurred image on your headset you can try to readjust the position of the unit on your head. if this does not work you might have to adjust the pupal point in the PSVR settings.

PlayStation 5

In Development

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