Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is the latest console released by Nintendo. It is a duel purpose console that can be used on your big screen TV or on its own as a portable hand held console that you can take with you. The Nintendo Switch has a vast range of games from Mario Kart to Fortnight to Chess and Ten Pin Bowling. Not all games are accessible, but many can be made playable for low vision gamers by adjusting the settings below.

The Nintendo Switch does not have an inbuilt screen reader. however their are distinct sounds that the device uses when navigating the home screen and settings.

Screen Enhancements.

For people with some and low vision you can change the screen settings to make the device easer to see. If you go into Settings and scroll down to Themes you can choose light (Black and White) or Dark (white and Black.) This will change the background and fore ground colour of the device. Now if you scroll down to Settings and go to Change Display Colours you can choose Default, Inverted or Greyscale. Choose an option that makes the screen easer for you to see. The option you choose might be different for different games.

Zoom / Magnification.

Next we have Zoom. This is the inbuilt magnifier for the Nintendo Switch. When this is activated you press the Home Button located on the right hand of the controller twice and this will enable zoom. this can be use on the system menu as well as the home screen and during game play. You can then use the X and Y buttons to increase and decrease the zoom level. This zoom Feature also allows you to Lock and Unlock zoom. This allows you to continue to play the game and interact with the settings while keeping the zoom area intact.

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