Path of Adventure

Path of Adventure

RPG Text Adventure

Reviewed By:  Aaron Spelker

Lace up your boots, sheath your sword and head out on the path of adventure. As you begin your travels, you meet a fellow adventurer who is returning defeated by the road.  He throws you his gear and scampers away.  Equipped with a weapon and tools you head out to reach the end of the road and collect the treasure. In order to succeed, you have to balance your health, defense, attack and speed statistics.  Along the way, you will collect gold and loot that will boost these statistics.  Is it worth it to explore the dungeon off the path? No risk leads to no reward. 

Complete the path as a Rogue and you unlock new classes of adventurers.  Each class provides a unique advantage as you traverse the battle road. 

Rogue – Daily healing

Warrior – Increased Strength

Assassin – Bonus attack from the shadows

Mage – Increased mana

Thief – Increased treasure collection

As you trudge forward on the path, you will learn what grand monster awaits you at the end of your journey.  Different monsters require a focus on a particular statistic in order to be victorious.  Face a Hydra and you will need incredible speed.  Face the Giant and you will need a strong attack.  Before you reach the Castle of Doom, collect and purchase weapons, armor, accessories, and tools to increase that specific statistic.

Path of Adventure requires strategy and luck.  There is no defeating the Path without a good measure of both.  My main issue with PoA is that it relies more on luck than strategy.  Get bad gear at the start of the path and there is virtually no way to overcome your bad luck.

PoA is fully accessible with Voiceover.  The use of Voiceover never gets in the way of the underlying gameplay.

Grade B

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