Home Quest, Idle Adventure

Home Quest, Idle Adventure

Resource Management RPG

Reviewed By:  Aaron Spelker

I want to give a shout out to the developer of this game.  Bored by Covid-19, he decided to develop a resource management game with a storyline.  He sought feedback on Reddit and heard from a blind gamer who found the game interesting.  The developer listen to the accessibility feedback and created a game that the blind and V.I. community can enjoy. While the beginning covers some well tread trails, the later part of the game expands into interesting game designs. In this resource manager, your goal is to build several self sustaining communities.  Defend your villagers from potential threats and collect your enemies’ souls to further your development.

As you navigate with voiceover, be aware that there are sub-sections to further explore.  For example, when you open up the army, there are sub section for Tanks, Damage troops, Support Troops, and heroes.  Different units can be found under each of these headers.  However, most of the headers, units, and buildings are locked behind “Question Mark” at the start of the game.

When you gain access to settlements to develop, you can access the new village at the top of the screen.  Find the words “Active Village.”  Swipe right and you will find a + icon.  This will lead you to the other available settlements.  These sites have alternative resources that can be collected to further your expansion.

The Voiceover navigation has some quirks, but these are more annoyances rather than game-breaking.  Use of the “Header” accessible feature would have made the navigation smoother.


  1. Read the Log because it provides you insights into your next goal. 
  2. Keep fighting monsters under the “World” tab.  Eventually, winning these battles will unlock new units, buildings, and settlements.
  3. Build storage warehouses whenever you can and across all of your settlements.  The game can stall if you do not have enough storage space for the materials to build the next building type.
  4. I recommend entering a battle with at least 50% more troops than the enemy.
  5. Don’t forget to harvest the material from the Soul Well.  The Soul Well is filled by defeating your enemies in battle and collecting their souls.
  6. When you unlock a better unit, disband the lower unit to make room for the better unit.  This is accomplished under the “World” tab by selecting “Send Troops to Valhalla”

Throughout the game, The developer obviously spent time constructing a way to audibly communicate the resource collection and battle progression.    Hopefully, The developer will continue to add to the gameplay and lengthen the overall experience.

Grade B plus

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