Blindfold Spades

Blindfold Spades

Card Game

Reviewed By:  Aaron Spelker

This version of Spades is serviceable

On a positive note, the game provides a dozen different versions of the classic Spades game.  In Spades, you announce how many “tricks” you expect to win that round.  As the round plays, you try to win by playing the highest card of the suit played by your opponent.  Spades trump all other suits.  Win more tricks then you predicted and you earn points; miss reaching your announcement and you lose points.  There are some gestures that you should know that the game does not make completely obvious.

Tapping two fingers once will open the menu at the start of a round to place your bid.  During the game, this action will tell you what cards your opponents played before you. 

Tapping two fingers twice will inform you how many tricks each player has collected versus their target

Three fingers swiped up will get you back to the main menu

Swiping left and right will allow you to navigate the cards in your hand

Double tap with one finger will play the selected card

The game does a exceptional job of verbally announcing both the cards played during a set and the scores of all players after a round.

each round will cost you a coin to play.  You are given ten coins a day for free.  This often means that you are not able to complete a full game of spades for free in a single day. There are many games in the “Blindfold” series.  The entire focus of the Blindfold series is to deliver accessible games to blind and V.I. individuals.  Therefore, it is disappointing that there are limitations placed on the gameplay.  .

Grade B plus

US Price / UK Price. Free with In App Purchases

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