Ordet Everyone’s Favorite, Little Word Game

Ordet Everyone’s Favorite, Little Word Game

Word Puzzle

Reviewed By:  Aaron Spelker

Ordet will test your vocabulary skills.  You are provided 7 letters that you need to mix and match to form words.  The catch is without finding the seven letter word you are unable to move to the next level.  The Voiceover interface is easy.  Player swipe left and right to find a letter.  By double tapping, the player selects the letter,  Keep swiping and selecting until you spell a word and then submit it.  Swiping up and down will read off the number of letters needed for the missing words.  It will also announce the words you already found.  In addition, after a round you can review all the possible words and their definitions. If you are tired of Scrabble or Crosswords, this provides an interesting alternative.

Grade A minus

US Price $2.99 / UK Price £2.99

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