General Knowledge Quiz

General Knowledge Quiz

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Reviewed By:  Aaron Spelker

Participating in quiz games is always easier from the safety of your living room couch.  General Knowledge Quiz (GKQ) is a replica of the ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’ Franchise.  GWQ  offers the player all the same safety nets (50/50, Poll the audience. Tip line, and switch question.)  The questions start out easy and you should make it to the first plateau in record time.  As you approach the second level you may reach for one of your lifelines.  And as you attempt to run the entire board, you will need luck that you get the right questions that match your personal knowledge base.  If your ‘Final Answer’ ends up being wrong, you have the opportunity to watch a video advertisement to keep playing.  The tricky part here is figuring out how to exit out of the video advertisement and get back to the game. 

Tip:  After the video advertisement finishes, turn off Voiceover by triple tapping the right side button on the iPhone.  Then tap in either the extreme upper left or upper right corner to close the advertisement. You will know you closed the window because you will hear the GKQ music.  Finally, triple tap the right side button again to turn Voiceover back on.

GKQ has various achievements for answering the questions correctly.  This adds a fun incentive to getting the next question’s answer correct.

The Voiceover works great with this game.  Just be careful that you are on the answer you want before you double tap.  There is no ‘Final Answer’ verification in this version.

Grade B plus

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