Blind Quest

Blind Quest

2D Audio Adventure

Reviewed By:  Aaron Spelker

Nathan the Mercenary is down to his last silver coin.  If he doesn’t get some work soon, he will go to bed tomorrow night with an empty stomach.  Luckily, there is always some work for an adventurous mercenary.  In this case, the Royal Castle is haunted by spirits and Queen Helen needs a fierce warrior to rid the kingdom of this menace.

Blind Quest is a completely auditory experience.  The general framework of Blind Quest is that there are dozens of areas (Towns, Swamps, Fortresses, Prisons, Deserts, etc.)  Each area has 4 to 5 locations (rooms, inns, shops, squares, caves, etc.)  As Nathan stands at each location, the player can swipe left or right to observe the items that can be interacted with at that location (a desk, window, inn keeper, merchant, peasant, soldier, grave stone, table, casket, trees, etc.)  As you swipe to each new item, the helpful narrator provides you a short blurb about the item.  The player can then double tap to determine if there is something more to do with that item. Each location tends to have 4-5 items for the player to examine.  However, as you investigate the area, enemies may pop out of the shadows to attack. 

Nathan will meet several individuals that will provide him quests to accomplish.  The game keeper needs a deadly animal dispatched of.  The soldier needs you to kill the Lizard Chieftain to stop the raids on the fortress.  Even if you know where the objective is, you cannot interact with the objective until you have received the quest.

During combat, the narrator calls out where the attack is coming from.  This is accompanied by sounds from the left, right, or both speakers.  To avoid the attack, the player must swipe in the opposite direction.  After avoiding the attack, the player can double tap the screen multiple times to counter-attack. 

Tip:  Weaker enemies have more time between their attacks, thus allowing you to get more hits in before you need to avoid an in-coming blow.

If you get pummeled by your enemy, you can drink a healing potion (by swiping up) to restore your health.

Throughout the game, I found no issues with the responsiveness of the Voiceover gestures. Everything was clearly labelled and responded to the Voiceover movements.

Blind Quest was a decent game.  The story was fine but did not overly move me.  The combat got a little repetitive to the point that I started to dread having to fight the encounters.    Also, I wish that I could swipe left or right and then select the item I wanted to interact with.  Instead, you have to hear about the window, then the desk, then the casket, then you face a surprise attack, as you just try to leave the room through the door.  The current mechanic slows down the gameplay and in the long-run sucks some of the fun out of the game.  

Grade B minus

US / UK Price $4.90 / £4.99

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