A Blind Legend

A Blind Legend

3D Audio Adventure

Reviewed By:  Aaron Spelker

This game may be a little on point.  You play as a blind knight who is attempting to rescue his kidnaped wife. Your daughter acts as your guide throughout the world.  She often runs ahead of you beckoning you to follow.  The sound of her voice signals the direction you need to go.  Therefore, using a set of headphones is mandatory to play this game.  Through sound you will traverse the landscape, ride horses, fight enemies and gather information from NPCs.  All of these actions are accomplished with traditional finger swipes and screen taps.  A nice mechanic is tapping the screen which causes your daughter to call out to you and help you navigate.  In addition, you are on a wide but linear path which makes it harder to get lost or turned around.  The situations are varied and the voice acting is strong throughout the experience.

As a fully auditory based game, there are no issues in being able to navigate the gameplay or the game menus. Blind Legend is one of those must play games for a blind or visually impaired gamer.  It is a blind and V.I. gamers’ rite of passage. 

Grade B plus

US / UK Price. Free with IN-APP Purchases.

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