Classic Lemonade Stand

Classic Lemonade Stand

Business Simulator

Reviewed By:  Aaron Spelker

As a child, I spent many summers running a lemonade stand in front of my house.  I realize now that my overwhelming success was generated from the kindness of strangers.  I was hoping this lemonade simulator would scratch a nostalgia itch.  Ultimately, the video game version of a lemonade stand is kinda boring.  In this version, each morning you are presented with the weather.  You then need to purchase the number of cups, lemons, and sugar you need for your expected sales.  It is important to note that each glass of lemonade will require a cup, a lemon, and a packet of sugar.  Once you have your supplies, you set the price.  The interesting part of the game is that there are random events that impact your stand.  During my playing time, my cups blew away in a storm and my lemonade stand was robbed.  But, the random events are the only variety introduced in this lemonade stand simulator.  Other Lemonade stand simulators have introduce a marketing budget which provides an interesting variable to the supply and demand model.

In this version, you are depending on your abilities to assess the weather’s impact on your sales.  However, deciphering how many sales you will get is maddening.  I sold the same amount of fifty cent glasses of lemonade on a 95 degree day as I did on a 45 degree day.

There are also some gaps in the Voiceover functionality.  At the start of each day it provides your current inventory of supplies.  The issue is it gives you the number without the header.  So it will say “10 15 12”.  Instead of announcing “10 cups; 15 lemons; 12 packets of sugar.”  There is a lot of swiping to type in your needed quantity of supplies and set your pricing.  Using the “header” feature to navigate would have been more efficient.  Ultimately, Classic Lemonade Stand is playable, but it is a lot of work for little enjoyment.

Grade C minus

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