Frequency Missing

Frequency Missing

2D Audio Touch Adventure

Reviewed By:  Aaron Spelker

Patricia is having a very bad day!  When she arrives to her first day as a reporter for Radio IDUN, she finds that her best friend has gone missing.  Richard got her the job at Radio IDUN and he was suppose to show her the ropes.  Instead she has been paired with a narcissistic mentor, the Newsroom Chief wants nothing to do with her, and no one seems too concerned that their colleague (and her best friend) has gone missing.  Patricia needs to navigate the office politics, launch her career, and solve the mystery of Richard’s disappearance and she has three days to do it!

In Frequency Missing, each set piece is a like a 2D picture.  For example, when you are at the Radio Station lobby, you have a picture of the lobby.  Certain points (doors, people, items of note) are selectable.  The player needs to drag their finger over the image of the lobby until the get to the item they want to interact with.  As you get closer to an item that can be interacted with, that item will make noise (doors will rattle, people will whistle, machines will buzz.)  When you hear a click, you lift your finger and the item is selected.

There are a few recommendations that I would suggest to make the game better:

  1. Have the ability to skip conversations that you have already heard.  It is easy to select a conversation option by mistake and then you have to listen to the dialogue all over again.
  2. When you drag your finger and start to hear an item you can interact with, it would be nice to hear it announce what the item is.  For example, the lobby has 4 office doors and it is easy to accidentally select the wrong door.
  3. The story was interesting, however it would have been more interesting to have some more depth to the story, different ways to get to the end objective, and some more character development.  I completed the game in about 60 minutes.


  1. Once you open Frequency Missing  turn off the iPhone version of Voiceover (this can be done by triple pressing the right button on the side of your iPhone)
  2. Be sure that the Direct Touch iPhone feature is turned on (This can be found in the rotary menu)
  3. The game auto-saves which is nice.  Just be careful when you come back into the game.  Don’t swipe through the menus (this may lead to making an incorrect election.  Instead drag your finger and when you find the desired menu option (such as “Continue”), lift your finger to select it.

Once you are aware of the above information, Frequency Missing is easy to navigate with the typical Voiceover finger gestures.

Grade B

US / UK Price. Free.

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