Accessible Othello

Accessible Othello

Competitive Puzzle

Reviewed By:  Aaron Spelker

This is another game that is played on a grid.  The objective is to play your white chip on the board and flip your opponent’s black chips.  The winner is the person with the most chips of their color once the board is full of chips.   Unlike Accessible Minesweeper, Accessible Othello incorporates the announcement of the grid square as you move around the board.  “A1”, “B1”, “C1”, etc.  For the best results, turn on ‘Vertical Navigation’ on the rotary menu.  This will allow you to navigate the grid in all four primary directions.

In addition, turning on the grid ‘Help’ feature, announces whether the square you are on is available for a valid move.  This is another game that would be significantly better with a few design changes. For example it could state that a blank square has a valid move and the result. “D5” flips 3 Black below and 6 Black to the Left fir a total of 9 black flips.

Without that information, the player is incessantly swiping across the board attempting to get a handle of the constantly changing landscape.  Voiceover had no issues reading the necessary information and communicating that to the player.

Grade B minus

US / UK Price $0.99 / £0.89

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