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Reviewed By:  Aaron Spelker

Westopia manages to combine the concept of slot machines with a storyline.  In the game, you are building an old west town.  Each building you unlock contains a unique slot machine.  For example, when you unlock the cantina, you play on a 4 by 3 slot machine.  To earn the jackpot, you need to collect 4 of the stated musical instruments.  When you play on the 3 by 3 animal reserve slot machine, you need to collect the stated animals to win the jackpot.  As you spin the wheels, VoiceOver will announce when you have multiple symbols on the machine.  For example, in the animal reserve it may state – 2 bison.  You can then swipe up to the wheel to determine where the bison are on the slot machine

Wheel 1 – red 7, bison, tortoise

Wheel 2 – snake,  cactus, coyote

Wheel 3 – green 7, wolf, bison

At this point, the player uses the available nudges and holds to improve their chances.  In this case, the player would swipe up on wheel 1 to the “hold” button and double tap.  This will prevent the wheel from moving when you press spin.  On wheel 3, the player would nudge the wheel so that the bison would move from the top to the center position.  The player would then swipe up and double tap “hold”.

With the two bison in the center position, the player would spin the wheel and try to get a third bison in the center position on the center wheel.  Beware, there are a limited number of “holds” and “nudges”.

The novelty of Westopia is that your success on each casino wheel earns currency that can be spent constructing new locations and buildings.  Each location has its own set of related buildings which house their own unique themed casino wheels to play.   You start the adventure in the Prairie location, where you can build the caravans, wild animals, and cantina buildings.  As the game progresses, you will gain the opportunity to open up new locations with their own set of casino wheels.  The player can spend the jackpot winnings building connections from the prairie to the forest, ranch, and village.  Throughout the game, you will be presented with different missions.  Completing these missions lead to additional rewards, locations, and buildings.  Be sure to read the local newspaper to learn about mission opportunities and other random events.

Swiping in the four primary directions allows for easy navigation of each casino wheel.  The voice prompts of potential matches helps to ensure you have a proper understanding of the spins potential.  In addition, as you investigate each wheel it tells you both the current symbol and the symbol if you were to nudge the wheel.  These auditory signals make the game easy to play.

Grade B

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