FEER (spelled F.E.E.R minus the periods)

Endless Runner

Reviewed By:  Aaron Spelker

Before I lost my sight, I participated in the Temple Run endless runner craze.  That was a visually fast-paced endless runner, where your tomb raider leaped over crevasses, ducked under obstacles and collected coins while he sprinted away from the temple.  I have thought about that game play since my blindness and wondered how a developer could make a compelling endless runner that I wouldn’t visually engage.

The game FEER had a tag line that caught my interest – “The game of running blind”.  I finally had the chance to find out how to play an endless runner while blind.  During FEER, the player is attempting to avoid being consumed by zombies.  In the first setting, the player is in the woods.  As the player runs through the forest, they can move between three paths in the forest by swiping to the left or right.  If the player hears a zombie directly ahead (signaled through your head phones by zombie sounds coming equally out of each speaker), the player swipes left or right to avoid the flesh eating abomination.  The player will need to carefully listen to both which lane the zombie is coming from and which path the player is running down.  As you run, your footsteps can be heard,  If you hear your footsteps equally from both headphone speakers, you are in the middle lane.  Mostly from the left speaker and you are running in the left lane.  This is important because if you are in the left lane, you can only move right to avoid the peril in your lane. The deeper into the forest the player traverses, the more danger is encountered.  The player will need to swipe up to jump over zombies emerging from the ground and swipe down to avoid crow attacks.  Throughout the forest, there are fairy lights that the player can collect. Later, the player can use the lights to bypass certain quests.  Beside the lights, the player can pick up boosts and shields that make surviving the zombie gauntlet a bit easier.  The player can increase their level by completing each level’s three quests.  These include actions such as:

  1. Switch lanes 50 times in one run
  2. Score 600 points in a single run
  3. Survive 50 zombies in total

Each zombie, fairy light, boost, shield and crow makes its own unique sound.  This creates a variety of different sounds the player needs to react to in order to survive each jog through the forest.  When you get bored with the woods scenery, there is also a factory setting to tackle. 

Like all endless runners, the point of FEER is to chase that high score by surviving longer each time you head out. FEER is a solid endless runner offering.  My two suggestions to enhance the game play would be to:

  1. Have more than 3 lanes to maneuver across
  2. To have an auditory signal if you are already in the far right lane and you try to move to the right.


  1. Once you open FEER turn off the iPhone version of Voiceover (this can be done by triple pressing the right button on the side of your iPhone)
  2. Be sure that the Direct Touch iPhone feature is turned on (This can be found in the rotary menu)

Once you are aware of the above information, FEER is easy to navigate with the typical Voiceover finger gestures.

Grade B

US / UK Price $3.99 / £3.99 With in APP PURCHASES

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