Football Chairman Pro

Football Chairman Pro

Reviewed By:  Aaron Spelker

Historically, I am not a huge soccer fan.  I enjoy the World Cup and I know the rules from my years playing as a youth.  My interest was elevated this past summer with the show Ted Lasso on Apple TV (If you have not seen Ted Lasso you are missing one of the best shows I have ever seen.   As my wife says “If you don’t love Ted Lasso, you are a MONSTER!”).  So, when I stumbled on Football Chairman Pro, I was primed for a good time.

This game is perfect in its flawless display of complexity.  There are a plethora of aspects to manage as the football chairman.  Beside building a player roster, you have to consider your financial investments.  Do you purchase a young ‘hot shot’ attacker?  Do you refurbish the team’s training facility?  Do you spend money on the youth league, hoping it will pay dividends years down the road?  Throughout the season, you have to set the ticket prices, repair the turf, build more seating capacity, pick the team’s sponsors, and consider the number of food and merchandise stands to install.  Furthermore, you have to balance the competing needs of the fans, manager, and the players while trying not to go bankrupt.

What I love about this game is that there is a lot to keep track of and consider.  I am tired of games accessible to blind players being simple, stripped-down versions of games a sighted player would play.  Football Chairman Pro let’s a blind player fully experience running a soccer team from the humble beginnings of a bar league up to the premiere division.

The key to Football Chairman Pro’s success is the display of the information and its interaction with Voiceover.  For example, when you enter the Squad tab there is a list of your team and each player’s statistics.  As you scroll through each player, the information is announced with all the relevant titles.

Name J. Smith

Position G

Rating 76

Form/Fitness/Happiness :

+1 +2 -3

Age 22

Contract expires 2025

From there, you can double tap and find even more detail about the player.  You can also negotiate a new contract, loan the player out, put them up for sale, or immediately release them.  Behind every high level summary, is more complex detail.  Don’t be afraid to double tap on a word that seems to just be a header.  Most likely, there is a plethora of depth a mere double tap away.

The best advice I can provide for this game is to not over extend yourself.  You are building a franchise and that does not happen overnight.  Take your time in establishing your team.  There is no need to build a 50,000 person stadium when only 500 fans attend each week.   Grow slowly with the team.

Grade A plus

US / UK Price $2.99 / £2.99 with IN-APP Purchases

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