Letter Rooms

Letter Rooms

Anagram Word Game

Reviewed By:  Aaron Spelker

This is another game that is perfect in its simplicity.  In Letter Rooms, the player is presented with a clue and then a mix of letters.  For example:

A Small Dog: C G R I O

The player swipes left or right until they locate the letter they want to move.  After double tapping to select the letter, the player swipes left or right to the proper location.  The Voiceover will indicate if you are putting the letter before or after a letter that is on the board.  Once you reorder the letters to form the answer to the clue, you move on to the next clue.

A Small Dog: CORGI

As the game advances, there are alternative ways to create the answer to the clue.  The game introduces a toggle mechanic to turn a letter on or off.  For Example:

Man’s Best Friend:  H D U O I X G L

You would toggle on the D, O, and G, while toggling off all the other letters.  Later, the game introduces letters that can be flipped to represent different letters.  The game then begins to mix and match toggles, flips, and letter movement as part of the answering mechanic.

The Voiceover is well integrated into this game.  The labels are informative ensuring that you fully understand the impact of your letter manipulations.

Note: This game is played in landscape with the power plug pointing to the left.

US / UK Price $1.99 / £1.79

Grade A minus

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