A Detectives Demise

A Detectives Demise

3D Audio Adventure

Reviewed By:  Aaron Spelker

This is a 3D audio adventure that is meant to be played with headphones.  As a local detective, you are on a mission to find the perpetrator’s of a murder.  Traversing the neighbourhood provides various clues.  You can interact with drug dealers, thugs, vagabonds, and gypsy children.  You use the Apple “Direct Touch” feature and move using a virtual joystick.  The audio sounds are crisp and immersive.  While walking the streets, your feet trudge through puddles, onto bricks and asphalt, and over sewer grates.  These distinct sounds allow you to determine your location in the city.

Some helpful hints: 

  1. You cannot save the game.  It will take one to two hours to complete.  So, make sure you have the time to complete the game.  Otherwise, you will have to start from the beginning when you return. 
  2. There is also a lengthy musical opening.  I thought my screen was frozen at first.  Wait for it to finish and the game to start.
  3. There is an audio compass that will call out your direction.  However, I wish there was a way to force it to call out your direction rather than having to spin around until it calls out north, south, east or west. 

Using headphones allows you to better orient yourself to your surroundings.  With the headphones, you can tell that a conversation is occurring to your left and someone is laughing behind you.  In addition, the “fight” scenes require you to dodge attacks.  Blips in your left or right ear indicate where the danger is coming from.  Ultimately, this game has great potential and I hope the company builds on it with their next offering.

Grade B

US / UK Price $3.99 / £3.99

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