Idle Crafting Kingdom

Idle Crafting Kingdom

Resource Management

Reviewed By:  Aaron Spelker

Crafting Kingdom compels a player to spend every waking moment managing their industry development.  With a mere $1,000, the player starts by purchasing a lumber mill.  By chopping trees, the player can gain resources to bring to the big city for sale.  With the acquisition of more money, the player can upgrade the lumber mills production and product offering.  With even more money, you can expand your  vertical integration by purchasing a farm, quarry, furnace, workshop, mine, blacksmith, and jeweler.  Each building offers 4 different products to produce.  Some products are base raw materials, while others can only be built using a combination of other products (For example, the ladder requires timber and leather strips to build.  Timber is created using logs.)  Using your resources and cash, you can build a palatial manor that provides permanent advantages.  In addition, there are quests at the castle that if completed and turned in will provide additional augmentations. If you want to move things along faster, there are several boost opportunities that can be purchased at the castle using collected gems.   Here are some hints for the game:

  1. Visit the princess to get a daily reward
  2. Once you complete a quest be sure to turn it in by pressing the number 1 button found under the reroll.  It’s a bad label and it took me a couple of times to figure out the method to claim the reward.
  3. Quest rewards are only applied when you “Ascend.”  When you ascend, the game is reset but all your quest rewards are permanently applied.  Therefore, once you have completed all the quest rewards and marked them for “turn in”, you should ascend.
  4. On the main screen, you may here jingle bells.  This signals that you have a treasure to collect.  Swipe right till you get to the treasure and double tap to collect.
  5. The amount of coins you get from collecting a treasure chest is dependent on the amount of coins you currently have in the bank.  Therefore, keeping a minimum cash balance (I always kept it above $500,000) will lead to larger treasure chest rewards.
  6. Bonuses will be offered if you watch a video advertisement.  I found if you click on the offer and watch the video, you get stuck and can not collect the reward or get back to the game.  This may be based on your iPhone pop-up security settings. 

The Voiceover navigation works flawlessly.  Swiping up and down will take you to the major sections and swiping right and left will bring you to the detail within that section.  All buttons were properly labelled (except the quest turn in button listed above).

While I finished reviewing this game several weeks ago, I still play it everyday.

Grade A minus

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