Endless Runner

Reviewed By:  Aaron Spelker

Echoid reminds me of a simple version of Frogger.  In this version, you head down a river attempting to avoid on coming obstacles.  An audio pulse informs you if you are in the left, center, or right lane, while an explosion type noise lets you know which lane has an on-coming obstruction. As time passes, the blockades start coming at faster intervals.  Fun and simple in theory.  The problem with Echoid is the execution.  To switch lanes you swipe left or right, however the game is not very sensitive to those gestures.  This leads to untimely deaths.  Ultimately, the numerous deaths because of game error rather then player error became to overwhelming.  Here are some tips if you decide to play the game:

  1. The game provides its own voiceover, thus to play the game you need to turn off the iPhone version of voiceover.
  2. You should wear headphones for this game.
  3. If wanting to move right, start with your finger on the far left of the screen and make a swipe gesture to the right.  This seems to provide a better chance that the swipe will be registered.  If you swipe from the middle to the left or right, it often will not be recorded.

This game had the opportunity to be a fun little distraction,   Something you would pick-up every once in a while to see if you could top your previous high score.  Unfortunately, I just stopped picking it up out of frustration.

Grade C minus

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