Real-time Choose Your Own Adventure

Reviewed By:  Aaron Spelker

This Choose Your Own Adventure factors in the actual time it takes to perform the various decisions you make.  You are meant to interact with Lifeline throughout your day.  In the game, you are contacted by Taylor who has crashed landed on a remote world.  You provide Taylor advice on how to survive and get off the planet.  However, the real-time nature and the dreaded “Taylor is Busy” notification will soon get on your nerves. The story comes to a grinding halt when you have to wait ten minutes for Taylor to find a flashlight. This game design also makes the game frustrating to replay.  My recommendation is to simultaneously play multiple Real-time Choose Your Adventure games (Others will be reviewed on this list). Luckily if Taylor perishes, the game let’s you rewind until the start of the current day.  This at least limits the amount of gameplay you have to repeat because of a death.  Voiceover works particularly well with text-based adventures and Life Line is no exception.  Navigating the text conversation and providing your advice to Taylor is seamless.  Hint: In the menu, there is the ability to select “Fast Play”.  This option strips out the real-time element and plays the game like a traditional text adventure.  I did not play this way because I believe in playing the game the way the developers meant it to be played.  However, it makes the second play-through more bearable.

Life Line is not a particularly long game, but it is worth giving it a try.  If you enjoy the adventure, there is a sequel called Life Line – Silent Night.

Grade B minus

U.S Price $1.99 / U.K. Price £1.99

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