City of Blood

City of Blood

Text-based RPG

Reviewed By:  Aaron Spelker

There is a lot of fun potential with this game, if you can overlook the game choke points that attempt to extract money from your pockets.  In City of Blood, you are building a criminal empire.  A key component is to recruit gang members.  This is accomplished by spamming your Real-Life friends to play City of Blood.  I refuse to jeopardize my real life relationships with shameless junk mail and this brings the game to a grinding halt.  Eventually, you will need several gang members in order to complete a mission.  The game let’s you spend favor points to recruit computer generated gang members, but you cannot organically gain favor points quick enough to keep the game moving (One way to get favor points is to leave City of Blood a five star review on the app store. Sleazy!).  Therefore, the lack of ability to generate favor points leads to the spending of real money to buy those in game favor points.  This is the actual criminal enterprise of City of Blood! 

City of Blood has interesting quest missions and a fun storyline.  Building a criminal empire is devilishly fun.  It is a shame that the developer put limitations that probably caused many gamers to abandon the journey before it really got started.

If you want to join my gang here is my invite code:

From a Voiceover interface standpoint, the game is easy to navigate.  Swiping right and left will move you through the various menus and text information.  Double tapping will allow you to select particular actions.  I wish they used the “header” feature so the player could minimize the swipes to get to the desired element on the screen.

Here are some tips for City of Blood:

  1.  When doing a job, the button to do that mission (“Do Job”) comes before the description of the mission.  Be aware of this so you tackle the correct mission.
  2. Some missions require certain weapons, armor, and/or tools to complete.  Most of the time you will gain the required items by getting loot drops for finishing other missions.  However, there are times where the item you need has to be purchased in the shop.  Each City of Blood location has different items available in that location’s shop.  Therefore, I just made sure I purchased 1 of each available item to be sure I had the items required for future missions.  It saves you time from trying to find the missing item to advance the story.

Ultimately, City of Blood steps on itself by creating choke points that limits player engagement.

Grade B minus (assuming you find some people to join your gang)

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