Zoom on TalkBack

Using Zoom with Talk Back

In this short guide we will explaine how to access the TripleTapChats using the zoom platform. 

1 Getting Started.

Open your mail app and select the email invitation us. Now using one finger flick it to your right until you hear “Join Zoom Meeting” now flick your finger to the right once again and it will say something like “HTTPS//” this is the link that will start your zoom meeting.  If you have the zoom app already installed this will take you into the meeting lobby.  If you do not have the Zoom app installed on your device, it will prompt you to download it from the Play Store.  Follow the onscreen instructions to download the app and set up a zoom account. When the app is set up go back to your emails and select the invitation from us.

2 Getting Connected

Once you have opened the link from our invitation email it will take you into the host lobby. Here you do not have to do anything but wait for the host to start the meeting. Once the host has started the meeting you will hear TalkBack say, “Call over internet”.  Double Tap this with one finger. Now you will be in the Triple Tap Chat meeting.

3 Audio and Video Settings

To mute and unmute audio go into the Zoom app and use one finger to flick right until you hear “mute” or “unmute” and double tap with one finger to change setting. 

To start and stop the video to your host go into the zoom app and use one finger to flick to the right until you hear “Start” or “Stop my video”. Double tap with one finger to change setting

If you need further assistance with using zoom, please contact

TripleTapTech, 260 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4JP,

07494 706190


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