Zoom on NVDA and Jaws for TripleTapChat

Using Zoom With Jaws and NVDA for TripleTapChat

In this short guide we will explain how to access Zoom to take part in the TripleTapChat

1 Getting Started.

You will have received a email from us about the zoom meeting with a date and time. Included in this email will be a direct link that will allow you to participate in the meeting. Select this and it will launch the Zoom webpage on your browser. If you already have zoom installed onto your system, it will ask for your permission to launce the zoom app and then log you into the meeting.

If you do not have zoom already installed onto your system keep pressing the tab key until you hear “Download and run Zoom” then follow the onscreen instructions to get zoom and create an account. For this you will need an email address and a password that you can remember. Once this is done you will then be taken into the meeting.

If at any time you were to get disconnected from the meeting, go back into your email from us and select the zoom link again and you will be logged back into the meeting.

2 Getting Connected

Once you have pressed Launch meeting it will launch the zoom app and if you are connected to a webcam you live feed will appear in the middle of the screen. Now use the tab key until you hear “join with video button” and then hit the enter key. This will then take you into the host lobby. This is where you wait until the host starts the meeting. There is nothing that you need to do hear just wait for the meeting to start. When the meeting starts you will hear Jaws or NVDA say “connected”. You can now take part in the meeting. 

3 Audio and Video Settings

To start and stop your video at any time press ALT and V together.

To mute and unmute your audio at any time press ALT and A together.

To quit the zoom call at any time press ALT and Q together then press tab to until you hear “leave meeting”. Now press enter. 

If you need any further assistance or are unsure about anything, please contact

TripleTapTech, 260 Bath Street, Glasgow G2 4JP,

0141 353 1567




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