Zoom Hotkeys for Windows

Below are some useful hotkeys to help you get the most out of your zoom meetings. These hotkeys will work with most accessible software such as NVDA and Jaws.

General commands

  • Switch to Zoom’s meeting controls: Ctrl-Alt-Shift
  • Take a screenshot: Alt-Shift-T

In a meeting

  • Switch to active speaker view in video meeting: Alt-F1
  • Switch to gallery view in video meeting: Alt-F2
  • Start or stop video: Alt-V
  • Mute or unmute video: Alt-A
  • Mute or unmute everyone but the host: Alt-M
  • Open or close the share screen window: Alt-S
  • Pause or resume share screen: Alt-T
  • Start local recording: Alt-R
  • Start cloud recording: Alt-C
  • Pause or resume recording: Alt-P
  • Switch camera: Alt-N
  • View the previous or next 25 video streams in the gallery view: Page Up or Page Down
  • Toggle Always show meeting controls: Alt
  • Enter or exit full screen mode: Alt-F
  • Show or hide chat panel: Alt-H
  • Show or hide participant panel: Alt-U
  • Open invite window: Alt-i
  • Raise or lower hand: Alt-Y
  • Start using the remote control: Alt-Shift-R
  • Give up the remote control: Alt-Shift-G

In a chat

  • Go to previous or next chat: Ctrl-Up or Ctrl-Down
  • Close the current chat: Ctrl-W
  • Switch between portrait and landscape mode: Alt-L
  • Jump to chat with someone: Ctrl-T
  • Search: Ctrl-F

In a phone call

  • Call the selected number: Ctrl-Shift-P
  • Accept a call: Ctrl-Shift-A
  • Hold or unhold a call: Ctrl-Shift-H
  • End a call: Ctrl-Shift-E
  • Decline an incoming call: Ctrl-Shift-D
  • Mute or unmute: Ctrl-Shift-M

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