What We Do

We provide Advise, Help, Support, and Training on technology from a visually impaired viewpoint. We can show you how to work the latest Smartphones and Tablets, Use computers and MacBook’s, how to setup and use the latest smart TV and Speakers such as Alexa, and many more devices.

Image showing a wide range of digital devices

We can provide one to one training in our office or at a suitable location for you. We can show you how to get the most out of your own equipment and how to correctly work it.  Or if you would like to try out some new technology we can give you some hands on time with it and explain exactly how it works so you are able to make an informed decision about it.

We can provide group sessions on specific subjects from basic screen reader commands to online shopping and everything else. We will be holding these in our office and in the wider community. If there is a subject that you think we should do contact us at TripleTapTech@outlook.com and let us know.

We will be presenting Tech Talks on new technology and equipment or on a specific subject to give you all the information about it. After theses talks you will be able to try out the device, equipment or subject.

As we are a small charity we would be very grateful if you could make a small donation to help us continue to run this service.

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