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Synapptic Smart Phone

Synapptic is form of accessible software that can be added on to most android phones.  The software can be purchased form and installed on your phone. You can also buy smartphones with Synapptic already on it. The price can vary for these phones and software.

Synapptic offers a simplified easy to use screen with the addition of there own built in screen reader. The screen that appears on the phone will look like a menu with the text on the screen appearing in yellow and the background appearing in black. This can be customized to suit your own tastes. The text size can also be altered to make it appear much bigger. You can then press that area of the screen and that will activate the menu and repeat until you are where you want to be.

However if you are struggling to read the large menu or have no vision at all then Synapptic has its own built in screen reader. To use this, you hold one finger on the screen and move it slowly up and down the screen it will read out what is under your finger. You then lift you finger off the screen when you get to the menu that you want.  Repeat this process until you get to where you want.

Synapptic has a lot of inbuilt useful features we will go over a few of them here.

Make a Call (Phone Only)

This lets you easily dial someone that is in your contacts or a new number. Select Make Call. Then you can choose from the following menu to Dial a Number or Address Book. If you just want to dial a number select this it will then bring up a large number pad with a hi visible Green and Red Dial and Clear Number button. Input the number by selecting it from the keypad then press the green Dial number button. To call someone from your address book select Address Book then select the contact you want to will then call the person.

Text Message (Phone Only).

To make a text message select Text Message from the main menu then select Compose New. You can choose to Type Number or Address Book. Select one of these options to add a contact. It will then bring up a keyboard to type the message or if you press the Speech Recognition Mode button at the top right of the screen it will let you dictate your message. To do this select Speak and talk. When you are ready to send the message select the Send button,

To read a message select All Messages and select the message you wish to read. Next select Read Message and it will read the message back to you. If you select Read All at the top right hand of the screen it will read the message in full for you.


This can be found in the Toolbox Menu.

This will let you use your device as a digital magnifier.  You can use the volume up and down buttons to increase and decrease the zoom level. When using the magnifier you can also change the colours of the fore ground and background by pressing the Change Colour button. Next you can turn on the LED flashlight if your device has one. Pressing this button again will turn it off. Lastly we have the Freeze Image button. This will freeze the frame and you can then adjust the zoom level to suit.  To exit press the Cancel / Go back button at the top left of the screen.


Reading Machine.

This can be found in the Toolbox Menu.

This will let you take a photo of any text and get your device to read it back to you. To do this you hold the device over the text and touch anywhere on the screen. The device will then make a beeping noise and then start to read the text back to you. If the text takes up more than one page on the Synapptic screen you can press the down arrow button ( NEXT PAGE ) at the bottom of the page to read the following pages. If you want it to read all the text back to you in one go you can select the Read All button at the top right of the screen. To exit press the Cancel / Go Back button at the top left of the screen.

Internet Radio.

This can be found in the Entertainment Menu. This will allow you to search for your favourite radio station from all over the world. To start select Search button then Search again then type in the name of the station that you are looking for.  Next bring your finger down the screen and select the radio station. It will then start to play, You can start and stop playback by pressing the bottom of the screen. If you want to add the last listened to radio station to your faavoutites.  Go back to the internet radio menu by pressing the Back button at the top left of the screen. This select Favourites and select Add to Favourites. This will store the station for you.

Synapptic had a lot of amazing features built into it. If you would like to find out more get in contact.

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