Strathclyde Country Park Accessible Nature Trail for VI People

Strathclyde Country Park Accessible Nature Trail for VI People.

Strathclyde Country Park has an Accessible Nature Trail that we have helped create with the My Eyes App team including Miguel Matias, CEO of Self Energy Ltd and Gillian Graham, and Toby Nevitt Senior Project Development Officer (Greenspace). We also wish to thank all the amazing volunteer testers that helped us get this up and running.

A group of people standing together with their phones in hand using the my eyes app

The nature trail uses the My Eyes app on iOS to provide you with additional audio that can guide you round the route and also provide you with information about the surrounding environment, such as what wildlife is here and the if there is any points of interest or areas that you need to pay extra attention on for safety. The Trail is just over 1 mile long and starts at the newly developed Bellshill Gateway entrance to the park. This is located next to Bellshill Golf Club. The Trail will usually take around 45 minuets to complete. For the extra brave amongst us this area also includes a bike pump track. but for this article we will cycle around this.

a sign with information about the Bellshill Gateway area of the park

At the Start of the trail at Bellshill Gateway you will hear audio from your phone giving you information about the park and trail. It will then give you instructions on where to go. You then follow the curving tared path slightly downhill to a gravely road. Just before this point the app will inform you of the change of surface and give you some information about the area and tell you the route to follow. You then follow the apps instructions to reach the next location and then repeat.

An  information display. the my eyes app reads this information out to you .

The Trail is a fantastic advance with using technology to help negotiate the outdoor nature and have the same information that a fully sighted person has access to. If you have not done this trail before we would recommend having a second person with you just for your own safety. The trail is just over 1 mile long and this does require a basic fitness level. There is also a set of stairs that are of different heights and lengths, as such it is not suitable for people with mobility issues.

Water pouring over the Calder river at the waterfall at the old mill.

We hope that this can be introduced across more areas and places around Scotland. Please contact us at the email below if you would like to discuss this.

A view of the trail path alongside the Calder river.

The My Eyes app is also available for use in different venues in Dundee such as the V&A Museum and City Centre. At the moment the app is only available on iOS but development is underway for Android devices.

You can download the app here.

My Eyes App

The My Eyes app logo. this app can be downloaded from the app store. it should be available for android in the near future.

For more information about the trail you can email us at

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