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Seeing Ai is an app available on iOS that uses the camera of the device to perform several tasks such as reading text to recognizing faces. The app can be downloaded from the app store and is free. It is made by Microsoft.

To navigate around the app simply select the correct channel from the tabs that are located at the bottom of the screen. Then select one of the following channels.

Short Text

This channel will automatically read out loud to you any text that the camera can focus on. Simply point the device to where the text is located and it will read it back to you.


This channel will scan full pages of text and allow you to save them onto your device. You will hear instructions to correctly position the camera and will scan the document automatically. Once the document has been scanned you can then have it read back aloud or adjust the size of the text. You can also use the share menu to export the document.


This will scan any bar-code on a product and read aloud what it is. It will automatically read the bar-code when it is in position of the camera.


This will tell you how many people are in range of the camera and give you an estimate of there distance from you. If you press the screen when a person is in range it will give you a short description of the person with there age mood and some facial features such as beard or glasses.  You can also teach this channel to recognize people and identify them by there name.


This channel will recognize money and tell you what it is. It works fine with English notes and euros and dollars but is not so good with Scottish notes.


This channel will give you a short description of the image that the camera can see.


This channel will tell you what colors the camera is pointed at .

Hand writing

This channel will read aloud most handwriting that the standard text detection wont. This is great for Christmas or birthday cards. Point the camera at the hand writing and touch the screen and it will scan it and read it back to you.


This channel produces a sound that gains in pitch as the brightness of the light around you increases.



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