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Graham Gunning

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Over the past couple of months, I have been learning braille which has gone really well. I decided to purchase the Orbit Writer and was glad that I did.

The Orbit Writer is an innovating and affordable Perkins style braille keyboard designed for your smart devices. It costs one hundred dollars. At the moment its only available to buy from the US but will be coming to the UK very soon.

The Orbit Writer is a slim looking keyboard. At the top is a row of six buttons which represent the six dots of braille. Beneath the row of buttons is a round directional pad with a selection button in the middle for navigating. Under the directional pad is a final row of three buttons. The middle button is your space bar with the delete key to the left and the return key to the right. On the left-hand side of the device is the charging port which is a micro USB connection.

To turn on and off the Orbit Writer press and hold both the up and down buttons on the directional pad. You will get a short vibration to indicate that it has turned on and a longer vibration when turning it off. There is also haptic feedback for checking the battery. You will get up to four short vibrations at a time to indicate the battery percentage and one long vibration to indicate that it is fully charged.

There are two methods of connecting the Orbit Writer to your prefer device. This can be done either by Bluetooth or by using the micro USB cable. YOU can connect up to five devices via Bluetooth and one device via the micro USB cable. The Orbit Writer supports apple, android, amazon fire tablet, PC and Chrome Books.

I have been using the Orbit Writer for about a month and I am really enjoying it. I love the size of the Orbit Writer as it fits in your pocket. the price of the Orbit Writer is fantastic for a braille device. Another great bonus is the number of devices you can connect to the Orbit Writer. Having the possibility of six devices connected is incredible. There was a considerable amount of lag when using the Orbit Writer which has been improved after a couple of updates. I do think that it can be quite temperamental depending on what app or program you are running on your device. For instant I found that it worked better using pages instead of word when typing on my iPhone. Another thing you will need to consider before buying is that the Orbit Writer can only be updated by a windows laptop or PC.

I will give the Orbit Writer 3.5 top tech ticks out of 5. 

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