OCR Apps

They are apps that are designed to use the devices camera to capture and read written text back to you the OCR stand for ocular character recognition. they are some that are free and are ideal for everyday use and some that are paid for and are great for security and professional use.

Seeing AI

Seeing AI is a multi-functional OCR developed by Microsoft. There are 8 channels that you can choose from within the app. These channels include short text, document, bar-code scanning and facial and hand writing recognition. Seeing AI is only available on IOS and is free.

Envision AI

Envision AI is a multi-functional OCR developed by Lets Envison who are from the Netherlands. Like Seeing AI there is a number of different options that you can choose from.These include instant text, document and bar-code scanning and face , object and hand writing recognition. Envision AI is available on android and IOS. It is a subscription based app. Price starts from £1,99 a month,£10,99 a year and £100 for a 1 off life time payment. You do get a 2 week free trial when you first sign up for Envision AI.

Super Sense

Super Sense is a new multi-functional OCR developed by Virtual Collaboration Research INC. There is 7 options that you can choose from inside this app. These options include smart scan, short read, document read and bar-code reader. Super sense is available on both android and IOS. You need a subscription to use Super Sense. Subscription starts from £4.99 a month, £40.99 a year and £99.99 for a one off lifetime payment.


Speak is another great OCR app designed by High Mountin. There are 2 main options you can choose from when using this app. These are document and scan. Document will read any printed text document and scan will allow you to scan either text, barcodes, objects and identify colours. Speak is only available on android and is free.

Sullivan Plus

Sullivan Plus is a simple multifunctional OCR created by Tuat Inc. There is only 3 buttons that you can choose from within this app. These are menu, capture and functions. Menus is where you wil find all of the options you can scan with, which include text, document, face and object recognition and also a magnifier. Capture is the button that allows you to scan what you want recognised and functions is where you will find options to share and to enable your deviceflashlight.Sullivan Plus is only available on android and is free.

KNFB Reader

KNFB Reader is a simple OCR app that was one of the first OCR apps. It has 2 main functions which are document and batch scanning. KNFB reader is available on both android and IOS. It costs £99 for both IOS and android. With android devices you get 25 free scans as a free trial.

Voice Dream Scanner

Voice Dream Scanner is another simple OCR developed by Voice Dream LLC. Like KNFB reader it has 2 main functions  document and batch scanning at a more affordable price. Voice Dream Scanner is available on both android and IOS devices. It costs £5.99 for both android and IOS platforms.

Voice OCR

Voice OCR is a very basic OCR designed by ShaliN Shah. The great thing about this app is that it can be    controlled by your voice. To   scan a document you just say capture to take a picture and to read it  back you  just say read. Voice OCR is only available on IOS and costs £6.99.  . 

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