Nintendo Switch Lite Review

Nintendo Switch Lite Review

By Graham Gunning

With gaming becoming more accessible to play and developers adding accessibility features I wondered if the Nintendo Switch Lite would be accessible. With this in mind I decided to check it out and was pleasantly surprised.   The Nintendo Switch Lite is an 8.5 inch handheld portable gaming console, which costs £200. In the middle of the Switch Lite sits a 5.5 inch touch screen. To the left of the screen you have the directional 

Stick plus the old-style direction d-pad. On the right side there are four playing buttons and a right analogue stick. Along the top you have two left and right buttons, Two left and right trigger. A power button, Volume up and down buttons, A headphone jack and the game cartridge slot. At the bottom you have the USB-C charging connection and a SD card slot.

Since the release of The Switch and Switch Lite Nintendo have added a couple of accessible features. The first option that they have added is Zoom. Once enabled zoom will allow you to magnify the screen. To activate zoom press the home button twice and then use the x and y buttons to zoom in and out. The next option that Nintendo added was light and dark mode for inverting colours and the final option added was the ability to remap all of the buttons Of the Switch.  This is helpful for people with motor disabilities.  All these accessible options can be found in settings. Unfortunately, Nintendo have not added a screen reader at this time but there are different sound effects that allows you to identify each menu.

I have been using the Nintendo Switch Lite for a couple of months now and I am really enjoying it. I do like the portability of the Nintendo Switch Lite. I wish there was a screen reader built in as I needed sighted assistance while setting it up. The different sound effects for each menu is a nice touch but I still had to use an OCR app in order to read the screen.  Also you do not get any haptic feedback or the option of connecting it up to your tv like you do with The Nintendo Switch.

All and all the Switch Lite is a good device. The fact that Nintendo has been adding accessible features is great and hopefully this will continue. I give the Nintendo Switch Lite 3 top tech ticks out of 5.      

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