Keyboard and Mouse.

Using the right keyboard and mouse can make all the difference between having a fantastic gaming experience on both PC and some consoles games or not. This guide will help you get the right one for you.


As you can find out by just searching for keyboards on Amazon there are a 1001 different kinds with all sorts of fancy functions and accessories. You can get the Standard size USB or Bluetooth keyboard, You can get mini or mega sized keyboards, keyboards in every colour of the rainbow, Mechanical keyboards, Membrane keyboards and many others too.

There are a many keyboard’s that you could potentially use. You could get a mega sized keyboard where the keys are larger than the standard and choose a colour  will make it easer for you to see. If you can touch type this is not so important, but the spaces and size of the keys can have an impact on your typing and key recognition. Some keyboards also have Back Lit Keys that use LEDs to illuminate the keys. This is a great option if you find that one colour stands out against a colored background. For example, I see red letter on a black background easer, so I use a standard size black keyboard with the back lit LCDs set to red. For me this helps me to identify the keys and area of the keyboard that I want to use.  You can also choose between a Mechanical or Membrane keyboard. A mechanical keyboard is one which you have to press the keys down and the keys make a clicking noise. This is great for someone with low  or no vision as there is a tactile feeling when you press the key down and you are less likely to hit the wrong key. However these keyboards tend to be more bulky and don’t tend to be portable. These keyboards are generally shipped with a desktop computer. Membrane keyboards are very compact and require less effort to press the keys. These keyboards tend to be what you get on most laptops. These are good as they are less noisy, however the tactile sensation of typing on one is far less and you are more likely to press the wrong key. You can also get Gaming Keyboards that come in all shapes and sizes and have programmable buttons that you can alter for each game. You can get gaming keyboards that are either mechanical or membrane, however most tend to be mechanical. There is a vast range available so I would suggest starting out with a cheaper one to try and find out what works for you, then you can always upgrade later on to a more Advanced one if needed.


As with the keyboards above there is a vast range of mouse’s that you can get. The standard mouse has the left and right keys and a wheel that you can spin between these two keys this is generally used for page navigation up and down. Most mouse’s use a red led light to translate the movement of the mouse into the movement of the cursor on the screen. Now some more advanced mouse’s have these additional buttons, two buttons where you thumb rests on the mouse these are generally used for forward and back navigation. Some also have additional programmable buttons located at different locations. And some will let you use the spinning wheel as a third button too. On most advanced mouse’s you can change the sensitivity of the movement by pressing a button that is usually located where the centre of your pam is. This can make it easer to be precise during gameplay. Mouse’s also come in all shapes and sizes from mini mouse that are used for notebooks and traveling to a huge mouse that have numerous buttons. A mouse can also be directly connected to your computer by  USB or wirelessly via Bluetooth or IR. I would recommend starting out with the standard mouse and upgrading to more advance gaming ones as needed.