iCUE LT 100 Light Tower Starter Kit

iCUE LT 100 Light Tower Starter Kit

Fraser Fleming

icue lightning tower

The LT 100 Light Tower Starter Kit is a set of two towers and bases that you position at the sides of your monitor. These towers have led light built into them as well as the base. You can then change the colour, pattern and intensity of the light for you liking. These cost around 130 pounds. The lights can be controlled directly by pressing a button on the main base or you can install software to have more advanced control from your PC. Some of these options I have found especially useful is the Video lightning that changes the colour and intensity of the light in sync with what is going on the screen. I have used this in my gaming to help with my low vision and I have found this extremely useful. It adds a greater dimension to the gaming experience and also helps to draw my attention to where it is needed on the screen. This function works really well in RPG games where a new menu will appear on the screen and the ambient light at that side of the screen will change, helping me become aware and drawing my attention there.  Another great function is the ability to have the light sync to any music that you are playing. I found this to be very relaxing and a great way to destress for a short time. Its kind of like a rock concert in your home with all the different colors and intensity of lights. They are many different functions that can choose and some of them let you customize them by changing the speed and range of the lights. The last great feature for these light that I found very interesting especially during gaming. Was that the lights can also monitor the temperature of your CPU or GPU. With this you know when your new AAA game is making your PC work as the higher the Temperature the more the system is working. This is very handy if you are playing a new game and trying to figure out the best settings for the display with all the added on graphical enhancements. If the PC is running very high it might be better to reduce some of these settings to get a smoother gaming experience.

The Light Tower is quite simple to set up as it comes with a few connecting wirers. You get the power pack, an Micro USB cable and the RGB Connector cable. To set up you plug these cables into there proper connections and then plus the Micro USB cable into your PC. Next you download the software from there website and that’s it up and running.

I have found these to be a great addition to my PC gaming setup. I love the way that they can be used to enhance my gaming experience and how I can use them to monitor my PC too. The easy set up is very welcome and having so many options to customize the display and intensity of the light is just amazing. The only down side is that they are a bit expensive. I would definitely recommend these for any visually impaired gamer. I give them 4 Top Tech Ticks.

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