Husan Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

By Graham Gunning

Over a year ago I was looking for an accessible portable bluetooth speaker. During my search I came across the Husan Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

The Husan wireless bluetooth speaker is a simple and slick looking portable device. Rectangular in shape the speaker is 8.2 inches long, 2.8 inches wide and weighs 11 ounces. At the top of the speaker is a row of four buttons. From left to right the buttons are as follows, the first is the previous track button, then the play pause button, next the next track button and finally the function button. The next and previous track buttons double up as the volume buttons. Simply holding the next and previous track buttons will turn up and down the volume. At the back there is the power switch, a micro-USB port for charging, a USB port along with a 3.5mm aux port.

The Husan Wireless Speaker costs £18 from Amazon and is available in black or blue. You have two methods of connecting your device to the speaker. You can either pair it using bluetooth or by connecting it using the 3.5mm audio cable provided in the box if your device has a headphone socket. The speaker has two main accessible features. The first feature is when turning it on you will get an audio que.  The second feature is that there is an audio announcement to indicate which input is selected. The speaker also supports MP3 and MP4 via the USB connection and you get up to six hours playback out of a single charge.

I have been using the Husan wireless speaker for over a year and I have not had any issues with it. I mainly use it as a sound bar. I like the size and portability of this low-priced speaker. Having two methods of pairing your device along with the ability to play music from a USB is great and having accessibility features is even better. The only thing that may cause an issue is that the audio que is quite loud.

All in all, this a great little speaker and gets 4.5 top tech ticks.

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