Envision Glasses Review

Envision Glasses

Graham Gunning

Over the last couple of years Envision have established themselves as one of the best OCR apps. Now Envision have decided to bring the features of the app to a wearable device.

The Envision glasses are a light and simple design and cost £3268. The glasses come in Two parts, you have the frame and the camera leg. The frames connect to the camera via a circler connection which clicks them both into place.  There are 2 frames available, One with lenses and one without. On the CAMERA leg you have an 8- mega pixel wide lens camera which sits in front of the frames. Just to the right and behind the camera is a touch pad. Near the back leg is the speaker and Inside the Leg is the power on and off button. At the back is a USBC charging port. There is WIFI and Bluetooth also available.  

Like the app there are a range of categories that are designed to best assist you in everyday life. The Glasses have 4 categories that you can chose from. These are Read, Identify, Find and Call. Read is where you will find the options for scanning text and handwriting. You have Instant text, scan text and batch scanning to select from. Identify will identify objects and colours. Find will help you find people, objects and exploring your surroundings. Call is a new feature specifically for the Envision Glasses. This allows you to get sighted assistance from a person of your choice by adding them as an ally.

I have been using the Envision Glasses for a month now and I am really enjoying them. I like the fact that the Envision Glasses are a standalone device and is not relying on the app to do all the processing. You will need to pair up the glasses to the app when first setting them up but apart from that the glasses will be able to do all the features hands free.    For me, the best features of the glasses are the call and explore mode. Having the ability to get sighted assistance is great. Explore mode is another handy feature. Having the glasses able to tell you what is in front of you makes life a little easier when navigating.  The main negative of the glasses is the battery length. You will get 5 to 6 hours of battery life which is not much if you are wearing them constantly. The cost is a concern, but it is in the same price range of other wearable devices like Orcam. All in all, The Envision Glasses are a great device and gets 4 out of 5 top tech ticks.

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