AirTags (Apple)

AirTags Review

By Fraser Fleming

Apple AirTags are devices that you can attach to your valuable property such as your bag, purse, keys and many more things. They are a round button like object that has a white plastic cover on one side and a metal battery cover on the other displaying the Apple Logo. On the white plastic cover, you can get it engraved at point of purchase.  They work with apple devices and can track the actual location of the item if you lose it, leave it somewhere, or just cannot find it. They do this by using the Find Me App that is on all Apple devices. From here you can view the location of the AirTag and if it is near by you can get the AirTag to play a noise to locate or if you are using the iPhone 11 or over it will use the inbuilt U1 Chip to guide you with on the screen prompts to the item’s location. The AirTags can be purchased directly from Apple or other Retailers and are priced at £29.00 for 1 or £99.00 for a pack of 4.

The AirTag uses Bluetooth technology to connect with your device and other Apple devices to give you the location of the AirTag even when it is not near your device. This is very handy if you were to leave your bag full of tech on the train or bus. The AirTag inside will signal other Apple devices of its location and they will then relay this to your device running the Find Me App. All the data is secured, and the other Apple devices do not display this information. However, if there is an AirTag near by that is out of range of its registered users’ device for a period of time the Find Me App will alert you to this. This is great as it will alert you to any misplaced AirTags around you. This will then allow you to locate the AirTag and get the provided contact information from the device to contact the person who lost the device. As with most digital devices it uses a battery, Apple have decided to go with a button cell battery, a CR2032 to be precise. The Battery will last for over a year depending on use. To replace the battery, you can remove the metal cover by pressing down on it and twisting it. You can then remove the battery by popping it out and insert a new battery. The Find Me App will alert you to when the battery needs replaced.

I have purchased 4 AirTags that I use, and I find them especially useful. One the things that I do very often is forget where I placed my keys. They could be on the Coffee Table, or in the Kitchen, or even in one instance they were in the Fridge. Now instead of spending a lot of time and effort looking for them I can use the Find My App on my iPhone 12 PM and the phone will guide me to their exact location, or I can get the AirTag to play a sound and locate them that way. I love how the AirTag setup is amazingly simple, and one set up you can leave the AirTag on your item. On the downside I do not like how the AirTags themselves have no way to attach them to your keys and items. For this Apple recommend that you purchase a case from them which are extremely overpriced ranging from £15 to £399 for there top of the line Hermes Case. Personally, I will just get them from Amazon where the price for third party ones will be considerably cheaper.  I believe that there are many uses for the AirTags and I would give them 4 TopTechTicks out of 5.

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