Add your Calendar to Amazon Alexa Smart Speakers.

How to sync your Calendar to Amazon Alexa Smart Speakers.

You can connect the calendar that you use on your smartphone with your Amazon Alexa smart speaker.  This will allow you to add an event on one device that will automatically sync to the other. For example, you could add a lunch with a friend on Monday the 17th of May at 13:00 when you are out on your phone, then when you get home, you can ask Alexa “what am I doing next Monday” and Alexa will reply “lunch with your friend”. 

To do this.

1 Open your Alexa App.

2 Open the More Tab at the bottom right of the screen.

3 Scroll down and select Settings.

4 Scroll down and select Calendar and Email.

5 Now select the Add Account button.

6 Select the Calendar provider that you wish to add.

7 Follow the on-screen instruction as each provider options are slightly different.

8 Now your calendar should be synced up to you Alexa Smart Speaker.   

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